Womb Blessing Ritual

Womb Blessing Ritual

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Womb Blessing Ritual | Awaken the Divine Feminine

This Womb Blessing Ritual can be used in combination with the Womb Cleansing Ritual, or as a stand alone healing process.

: 27 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for all woman, even those that have never meditated before.
Recommended Use: The Soul Medicine Tools are to be used every now and then when you feel intuitively drawn.
Chakra Balancing: Sacral Chakra

This is a sacred soul medicine process for woman who are feeling called to embody their divine feminine essence. In this hyper-masculine "go-go" world many woman have lost connection to their true feminine essence. We have been taught to repress, disown and to be ashamed of our true selves. A woman's womb is her power centre, her connection to the universal womb. It is not just for birthing and creating a child, our womb spaces is where we bring life to anything in our lives we want to create. It holds our power, our wisdom, our intuition, our creativity and our pleasure.

It has been part of my personal journey to reclaim and call in the divine feminine into my womb space. My life has totally transformed as a result. I finally feel comfortable and safe being a woman. I am excited about creating, I can express my truth, my feelings no longer overwhelm me, I love my physical body and my life is more joyful and pleasurable than it ever has been before. Gone are the days of pushing and forcing for things to happen, now I connect to my feminine energy to call in my desires. 

I have used this activation process on many woman in my 1:1 sessions and I feel honoured to share it with you all now. It has proven to be brilliant for boosting fertility (it's helped a few of my clients fall pregnant!), bring menstrual cycles back into balance (especially wonderful if you have just come off the pill and your body is all confused or if you suffer from painful periods), enhancing creativity & pleasure, healing blocks around sexuality and it activates connection to womb consciousness.

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