Womb Cleansing Ritual

Womb Cleansing Ritual

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Womb Cleansing Ritual | Reclaiming Sovereignty

This Womb Cleansing Ritual is a soul medicine process for clearing any old limiting energetic ties that you are holding in your womb space that are binding you to people you have been sexually intimate with over your lifetime. When we don’t tend to our womb space over time these imprints of stagnant energy can build up and cause disharmony in the womb and sacral chakra.

: 21 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for all woman, even those that have never meditated before.
Recommended Use: The Sacred Soul Medicine Tools are to be used every now and then when you feel intuitively drawn.
Chakra Balancing: Sacral Chakra

This is a simple, yet incredibly powerful practice for you to be your own healer and reclaim your sovereignty and to bring the creative energy of your womb into balance.

Please note this process won’t take away any of the growth, lessons or love that was generated from your sexual relations. Instead it will just clear any stagnation or energy that no longer serves you that you are still holding in relation to those experiences.

In preparation you will need a small rock, pebble or stone that you can hold easily in your hand and that you are happy to throw away after the ritual.

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