Activate Your Inner Buddha CD

Activate Your Inner Buddha CD

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Activate Your Inner Buddha CD
Activate Your Inner Buddha with this guided meditations for daily peace & calm

Track listing:
1. Balloon Meditation
2. Tree Meditation
3. The Space In Between Meditation

Within you exists a still, calm, peaceful “Buddha” like essence. You have the ability to access this space at anytime. The meditations on this album will help you discover this innate part of yourself.

The meditations on the album have been designed so that you can use them on a daily basis. For more details of which one to use and when? See below.

Balloon Meditation: De-stressing | Relaxing | Calming.

The Balloon Meditation is a guided meditation process that also includes a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. It is a great meditation help un-wind after a busy day, to release pent up stress from the body and to clear excess thoughts from any over thinking “monkey-mind’s”. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, and can’t switch off this is a fantastic meditation to prepare your body and mind for sleep.

Tree Meditation: Grounding | Balance | Focus.

The Tree Meditation is a guided meditation that can be used on the days when you are feeling scattered, out of balance and lacking energy. Need a creativity boost? Confidence before a job interview or hot date? Then this meditation is for you!

The Space In Between Meditation: Mindfulness | Presence | Deep Peace.

Discover and connect with “the space in between” in this mindfulness meditation. This meditation will teach you the art of being mindful and being able to access your own space in between. The techniques learnt in this meditation can be carried over into every moment of your life.