Ancestral Lineage Healing

Ancestral Lineage Healing

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Ritual

Soul Medicine for Transforming the Ties that bind you to pain from the past.

This ritual will help you to release and erase limiting thoughts, belief systems and fear-based programs from your lineage and re-code yourself with powerful, lovingly aligned ones that will support you moving forward. This healing journey will allow you to untangle yourself from the ties that bind you to the past. Know you have the full support of your ancestors to do this work. They don’t want you carrying anything that is holding you back from reaching your highest potential.

: 21 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for newbies that have never meditated to experienced meditators.
Recommended Use: If your feeling blocked/stuck from moving forward in your life.
Chakra Balancing: Base/Root & Earth Star Chakra

You are the result of the love of your ancestors who walked the earth before you. The memory of their lives, journeys and experiences flows powerfully through your being. There souls are linked in pure unconditional love to yours. Their love guides you and supports you as you carry them with you in your life.

While we carry the best of our ancestors, we also often also hold onto their limitations. With each new generation that is born into the lineage that soul has the choice to transform old patterning’s for better, or worse. Much of the limiting patterns we have inherited are a result of fear, trauma, pain or challenges that our ancestors experienced. Otherwise sometimes we hold old belief systems that served our ancestors for where & who they were at back then, in a different time and space, and those programs may now be no longer relevant for our current lives.

I truly believe for every soul that has chosen to incarnate onto the planet at this time that we hold a special ability to transform and transmute an enormous amount of fear-based programs from our lineage and no longer carry them on to future generations. This ritual creates a safe, sacred container and journey to do just that.

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