Healing Lotus Ritual for Grief

Healing Lotus Ritual for Grief

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Healing Lotus - A Soul Medicine Journey for Grief

Healing Lotus is the first ritual in a series of digital Soul Medicine Tools. These special healing processes are the same ones that I have used with my own clients over many years and have found them to be deeply transformative and potent.

Length: 32 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for anyone, even those that have never meditated before.
Recommended Use: The Sacred Soul Medicine Tools are to be used every now and then when you feel intuitively drawn.
Chakra Balancing: Heart Chakra

Healing Lotus is wonderful to use at any time you are working through Grief and Loss. It is for anyone that has lost a loved one (including pets!) and didn't get a chance to say goodbye, and/or feels there is unfinished business with. It can be used not only when you have lost someone from death, but this process is also deeply healing when you need to say goodbye to anyone in your life, perhaps a friend you have had a falling out with, or a romantic partner you have broken up with. For woman who have suffered a miscarriage, or chosen to have an abortion - this ritual is especially potent for healing the grief and trauma associated from a soul not incarnating.

This special meditation is extremely close to my heart. I channelled it just after losing my beloved cousin Lach. It helped me heal my grieving heart and I have gone on to share it with many of my clients and students who have been processing loss. 

Within our western society we are not really given the tools with which to handle death and grief. We tend to repress, avoid and fear death so when it comes along it splits our worlds apart. Death is a natural part of life and the creation cycle. You can’t have life without death. Death is a completion. A transformation. Within this ending, alongside grief, there is also celebration. An honouring. Recognition. It is my intention that this sacred healing tool serve as a gift for anyone who is moving through the grief journey.

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