How To Facilitate Group Reiki Healing Training Class

How To Facilitate Group Reiki Healing Training Class

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This training is based on a culmination of 10+ years of experience facilitating Reiki for individuals AND groups. Facilitating Reiki for groups is something I adore to share and I am always quite surprised that I don’t see more Reiki Practitioners offering it in group offerings to their communities.


Group Reiki Healings can be a powerful experience as with more people collaborating in a group the healing and intentions amplify when facilitated with skill. Its a beautiful way for people to experience Reiki and a way to also collaborate with other practitioners, therapists + share Reiki with a wider audience.


My intention with this training is to empower you with multiple different templates of how you can facilitate group reiki sessions so that after learning you can be inspired and confidently run your own. These are templates I have personally designed and created. I have run them all successfully over many years and each method can be adapted for online, distant transmission and in-person facilitation.


This training includes:

  • A 2 hour class recording.

  • Learn how to facilitate Group Reiki in-person, online and via distance methods.

  • A detailed explanation and walk through on how to facilitate the different templates.


  • How you can amplify Reiki Energy so that it can powerfully flow through a group.


  • Inspiration and ideas on how you can add your own unique layers and medicine to your own Group Reiki Sessions so you can truly make them your own.


Pre-requisite : This class is open to all Reiki Practitioners who have completed Level 2 and above.


Please note : After purchase you will need to download this video file to a computer. Not a smart phone or tablet as if you try and do that on your device it will only play the file, NOT save it. Once you have saved the file to your computer you can then easily transfer it to whatever device you wish to use it on.