Meet Your Totem Animal

Meet Your Totem Animal

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BE YOUR OWN HEALER : A Soul Medicine Healing Journey 

Meet Your Totem Animal Ritual

This audio ritual will help you to discover your totem animal. It is said in shamanic cultures when someone is sick, depressed, feeling powerless or stuck it is because they have lost connection with their totem animal. This guided shamanic healing journey creates a safe, sacred container to connect to your animal, receive a healing transmission and personal guidance from your animal that is supporting your life.

: 22 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for everyone. Newbies to experts. All ages.
Recommended Use: Curiosity, self-awareness and/or needing support through change and growth.
Chakra Balancing: Base/Root & Earth Star Chakra

It has been my personal experience and in working with clients that we tend to have one animal that is a birth totem. It stays with us over our entire lifetime and is intrinsically connected to our soul’s essence and blueprint. We also then work with a number of ADDITIONAL animals over our life time as we grow, shift and evolve. The extra animals are messenger guides that support and initiate us through the variety of unique journeys we experience throughout our lifetime. These messenger animals shift and change, some aligning with us for a week, others a decade. They will stay with us for as long as we need them. Every animal holds a unique medicine and wisdom that we can learn a lot from. They help us to claim the same qualities they hold within ourselves. This ritual creates a space for you to call in not only your birth totem but also animal messengers.

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