Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Take Back Your Power

Soul Medicine for Healing & Igniting Your Solar Plexus

The Take Back Your Power ritual is a healing process to become aware of how you are managing your personal power and energy. Sometimes either consciously or unconsciously we create patterns in our lives where we give our power away. This can leave us feeling drained, depleted, resentful and stuck. This guided audio creates a safe, sacred space for you to call back your energy and un-hook from unhealthy patterns that no longer serve you.

: 27 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for newbies that have never meditated to experienced meditators.
Recommended Use: Whenever you feel like you are lacking energy or needing a boost of power & confidence.
Chakra Balancing: Solar Plexus

This is a healing practice & ritual I have been doing with clients for many years. Its amazing for empaths, sensitives, perfectionists, over-achievers and over-givers. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue or feel empty, this will help you see where you are imbalanced. If you struggle with boundary issues than this will help you to discover exactly where you are giving your power away at your detriment and how you can call it back.

We are all in control of how we manage our energy and we all know deep down what is best for us. This ritual will support you to reclaim your energy, boost your sense of self and empower you to live life in a way that leaves you feeling rich and full, not empty & depleted.

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