Transform Your Inner Bully

Transform Your Inner Bully

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Be Your Own Healer : A Soul Medicine Journey 

Transform Your Inner Bully 

Soul Medicine for Healing The Inner Critic

The Transform Your Inner Bully ritual is a healing process to become aware of the deeper reasons of how your inner critic is serving you. The Inner Bully is the part of us that is plugged into fear based paradigms and is afraid of growing beyond current comfort zones & receiving greater abundance. This guided audio creates a safe, sacred space for you to lovingly transform your inner bully from enemy into supportive ally so you expand your container of love and abundance.

: 30 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for newbies that have never meditated to experienced meditators.
Recommended Use: Whenever you are ready to "up-level" in your life or your feeling stuck in cycles of self-sabotage & fear. This ritual is brilliant to do whenever you are setting intentions, calling in new desires or wishing to expand into your greatest potential.
Chakra Balancing: All with particular focus on Solar Plexus & Third Eye.

This is a healing ritual that was THE key transformative practice in my Soul Vision Board Workshops that I ran for many years with great success. I have taken hundreds of students through the practice and been amazed at how their lives has transformed as a result. I am so excited to be able to share this you now.

It isn't enough just to set intentions for what you want to create and manifest in your life; you also need to change old belief systems that are keeping you stuck from moving forward, so you can create space and birth the new.

This ritual allows you to transform any internal resistance and fear you are holding on to into love so you become more magnetic to your desires and empowered to claim your highest soul potential.

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